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Beemup is an online marketplace where companies can host and livestream hyper-realistic virtual lectures, conferences and panel discussions with top-class speakers, moderators, experts and CEOs.

Speakers use VR during a virtual talk via Beemup and are visible on stage as their own lifelike avatar. For participants a beemup is an interactive live stream where they can send the speaker messages that the speaker will see in VR to which he or she can respond to.

By doing talks in this form, both speakers and audience do not have to travel or fly to a physical location. This saves hundreds of tons of CO2 compared to physical events and other livestream and greenscreen solutions.

Via our platform you can book top-class speakers like Jochem Uytdehaage, Roland Kahn and Steven Brunswijk or moderators like Donatello Piras and Tom Jessen.

Beemup’s mission is to reduce CO2 emissions by offering an alternative to conferences, events and lectures. With our platform we want to become a stepping stone in transforming the highly emissive industrial world into a sustainable and connected virtual world.

Do you want to know more about the possibilities of Beemup for your online event? Please contact us for further information.

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Virtual events
Virtual talks with Beemup

Beemup versus webinars and live streams

A virtual talk, conference or panel discussion through Beemup is a complete unique experience.

With our scalable game & back-end technology, we can visualize performer, speakers and moderators in 3D and stream them live in the highest possible quality. By using VR technology the environment during a Beemup can be easily transformed completely.

The speaker or moderator can thus take the audience during his or her story to all kinds of different digital locations.

Also effects that are priceless in the ‘real’ world are made possible in the virtual world: think of special light show effects and the displaying of hyper-realistic products.

Participants can watch the live stream view via phone, laptop, but also via VR headset. In addition it is possible for participants to ask the speaker questions via chat, to donate during streams and to vote on polls.

Why avatars?

The added value of using avatars versus speakers and moderators “in real life” is mainly that all the people on stage don’t have to travel or have to fly to a physical location. Speakers and moderators during a Beemup use VR headsets with our application, and can come together remotely from home or from any (Beemup) location they like.

Virtual events platform Beemup benefits

Benefits of hosting virtual events via Beemup and booking public speakers as avatars

  • Marketplace. Speakers are bookable and so there is no need for employees to first train in VR or purchase VR headsets.
  • Quality of experience. Speakers can tell their story with hyper-realistic textures, effects and animations with a large library of assets.
  • Accessibility. You don’t need to download an app or use a VR headset to watch the live stream.
  • Reusable stage and reusable assets. All 3D content such as a custom stages¬†can be reused free of charge for follow-up events.
Benefits of Beemup

How does it work?

  1. Companies can organize a live stream via a desktop via web browser;
  2. You choose a standardized stage or have your own branded stage developed;
  3. You choose speakers and moderators who you want to perform during the livestream;
  4. During a Beemup, speakers use VR and can be booked and perform (together) from all over the world without having to travel;
  5. Participants of a beemup can view the live stream via laptop, telephone or VR headset, send questions to the speakers and / or network with each other.
Beemup virtual event technology

CO2 emissions of the business event market and the sustainable impact of Beemup

Corporate events worldwide cause a lot of pollution and waste. According to the average conference participant produces 1.89 kilos of waste per day, of which 1.16 kilograms goes directly to a landfill. If you calculate this for three hundred people over three days, you get 5,670 kilos of waste. That corresponds to four compact middle class cars.

A large share of these CO2 emissions comes from the air traffic of event visitors from abroad. Lots of consumers and business people nowadays suffer from flying shame.

Save 530 tons of CO2e per event

A three-day international event with 1000 participants emits an average of about 530 tons of CO2, 90% of which comes from all air and travel traffic. To compensate for an emission of 530 tons of CO2, 26,500 trees have to grow for a year. For comparison: the average world citizen 3,4 tons of CO2e.

Airline companies offer to offset the gigantic CO2 emissions from long flights with ‘climate neutral flying’. With this, the traveler pays a certain amount when purchasing their airline ticket, of which the airline company has trees planted in certain areas (which CO2 convert into oxygen).

However, it is not enough to combat climate change by planting trees. It’s more important to prevent or reduce large amounts of CO2 emissions. Because of all the air travel large-scale international events are very harmful to the environment.

It is high time for a new, sustainable way of organizing events.

Carbon emissions events
CO2 emissions events

Plans for 2021

In 2021, Beemup wants to organize the World Stage Event 2021 in collaboration with various sustainability and booking organizations.

The WSE 2021 is one virtual event from 5 Beemup partner locations in 5 different countries with a program
of leading sustainability experts who perform in VR.

We want to install the Beemup technical setup consisting of 30m2 mats, body tracking sensors and eye tracking VR headsets at partner locations in the Netherlands, Germany, England and the USA. The costs per Beemup setup do not exceed 10,000 euros and each setup can be connected directly to our scalable platform.

The WSE 2021 will be a major publicity stunt in which we draw attention to the climate and at the same time creating a first international technical infrastructure for Beemup.

Using different Beemup partner locations in various countries make it possible to organize climate-neutral virtual events with speakers, moderators and artists who through the use of VR technology can come together from all over the world.

Beemup location in Utrecht

Beemup location in Utrecht, the Netherlands

Do you want to know more about the possibilities of Beemup for your online event? Please contact us for further information.

Eendrachtlaan 102, 3526 LB, Utrecht