Andre Heuvelman

Andre Heuvelman

Public speaker

Andre is a trumpet player and performer at your event. He is a connector and motivator during strategy sessions and (customer) events. He is also a creative advisor, motivational speaker, concept creator and program maker for the (team) leadership development of your employees.

Andre plays music that moves directly and his performance takes the audience directly from head to heart. His story is unique and he captivates his audience by getting close and entering into dialogue. He thereby creates a major impact and encourages action. In the development programs, Andre stimulates the intrinsic motivation by letting your people shine and listening to what is going on in your organization.

But his input goes far beyond that. He is happy to think along with you about the content of such events. He knows better than anyone how to reach, connect and inspire an audience and these are ultimately reasons why you organize your events.

Topics: Personal leadership, Dealing with changes, Corporate organizations, Higher management, Leadership Journey

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