Charles Groenhuijsen

Public speaker

When I started in journalism in 1973, I had a thick pack of copy paper from De Volkskrant lying next to my Remington typewriter. I was usually through that quite quickly. When you went on a trip, you took that typewriter with you in a special suitcase. You called your articles by phone.

I remember when our children discovered one of those typewriters in the attic when we moved. They tried in vain to twist a sheet of paper on the wrong side. When they did, they had to chuckle at that bell that sounded when you were near the end of the line. The Good Old Times…

Fast forward to 2019.

Just like the world around us, our profession has changed beyond recognition. And improved! Yes, we have major challenges (climate, inequality, immigration) but there is also so much better, cheaper and faster.

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