Charmaine Pas

Charmaine Pas

Public Speaker

Charmaine Pas is a dating and life coach for men. She believes that there is a Gentleman in every man. She has developed a coaching technique that brings out the Gentleman.

By practicing top sport for years, she has acquired a lot of knowledge about training and nutrition. She wrote the cookbook Good Mood Food and two E-books 10 Dating Tips for Men and 7 Dating Tips for Women. This allows her to motivate others to achieve their personal goals. She entered coaching unnoticed after advising her friends about a healthier lifestyle. Later on, dating was added. She soon discovered that people were unaware of the importance of a positive mindset.

Many insecurities have arisen from negative words once spoken to them. Then they are turned into thoughts that are repeated like mantras. Sometimes a drastic change is needed to make you feel better about yourself. The coaching is aimed at making men feel comfortable and empowering them to communicate better with women. Her positivity is noticeable during her coaching, workshops and lectures.

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