Esther van der Voort

Esther van der Voort


Esther van der Voort has made a name for herself as chairman of the day. She brings to the table what is necessary for a strong chairmanship: sharp on the content, a flawless feeling for the atmosphere in the group and result-oriented. Speakers feel supported (and if necessary slowed down), the people in the room are activated and the organization can count on results.

Esther speaks the language of business and government. For years she worked in a high position at a ministry, so complicated material does not intimidate her, any more than official jargon (which she can flawlessly pierce). She is also able to create the desired atmosphere with humor and to connect people. She learned this on stage at Comedy Café Amsterdam, among others, where she regularly performs as a presenter and stand-up comedian.

Her sharpness, involvement and humor ensured that she was asked at large meetings such as the internal and external farewell of ministers at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, the Social Summit in Eindhoven (various ministries) and at the City Deal (BZK) and many other meetings. .

Esther has extensive substantive knowledge and experience in the social domain, but quickly and enthusiastically learns about subjects in other domains. If you are looking for a moderator who knows how to hold the attention of your visitors and is slightly different from all others, then Esther is the right choice.

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