Fatima Akchar

Fatima Akchar

Public speaker

Fatima Akchar, owner and Founder Rolmodellen Bureau. From the Rolmodellen Bureau, Fatima has the mission to contribute to a better world by being an example in providing a platform and acting as a mediator.

Its mission is to consciously lay a foundation for the world on which we can develop further.

Can be booked as:
keynote spreker, masterclasses, workshops, guest speakerr, inspirator.

New leadership | Change processes and management | Social entrepreneurship | Changing society and labor market | Diversity and inclusion | Conscious, personal and female leadership | Role models principle and effect | Social connection | Participation | Social influence | mindset and (behavioral) change.

“Hoe de wereld eruit ziet heeft te maken met wat we denken, voelen en doen. Wat wij vandaag de dag doen heeft impact op de volgende beschavingen. Wij zijn de creators daarvan.”

guest speaker, inspirator, keynote speaker, masterclasses, workshops

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