Ferry Zandvliet

Ferry Zandvliet

Public Speaker

Ferry, together with three more friends, survived the attack on the Bataclan theater in Paris on November 13, 2015, where 89 people were shot. A horrible experience that made him less afraid and angry and let him get more out of life. Ferry decided to help fellow sufferers, to create PTSD awareness, to actively improve the shelter after terrorism with the government and to talk to families of terrorists. In short; he made alliances and decided to take back control of his life. And? He became a happier person.

He believes it is important to express a positive opposition today. He thinks it has rarely been so badly needed. Society hardens (again) and people are less and less tolerant, whether this is religion, ethnic origin or sexual orientation. Be a little nicer to each other. It’s really not that difficult. Right?

When you choose a presentation from Ferry, you get an authentic story, with a smile and a tear. Taking back control of your life after a violent event is recognizable for everyone, whether this concerns an attack or the loss of a job, friendship or something else. You should not be dependent on suffering, because with an attack you always win, that is not the point. But how do you proceed? Ferry wants to show his audience that you always have choices. Take control! You decide!

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