Frank Garten

Public speaker

A fascinating and inspiring talk about intercultural communication, or diversity & inclusion.  What they have in common is that we all of ourselves we’re doing well, and blame others for causing the problems. At work, the only solution is when we engage in clear conversations, where we have the courage to say what needs to be said, in a short, concise, bold yet empathetic way.

Frank Garten – writer of 3 books on intercultural cooperation – brings a PhD in Physics, a career in general management, intercultural experience with many Asian, European and US cultures, a good dose of humor and sharp observation skills. He’ll confront your audience with a smile, leaving them with valuable insights in the biased way in which we all manage differences.

  • 1-time speech during event (1-2 hrs): 1.800EUR
  • Half day facilitation/chairman (4 hrs): 1.500EUR
  • Full day facilitation/chairman (8 hrs): 2.750EUR
Speaker, chairman, facilitator, intercultural, diversity, inclusion, conversation, communication

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