Frank Rekers

Frank Rekers

Public speaker

Entrepreneurial coach, specialist in the field of vision development, leadership, change management, hospitality and cooperation. I guide organizations, teams and individuals in their success and development.

Founder, consultant, trainer, coach, speaker and “fellow man” at the 4Human Group and Talking Stick Instituut.

“I am driven to get the best out of myself and others. It is a calling to let people flourish and to touch teams and organizations and get them moving. I simply have a deeper interest in people, in cultures and why we act the way we do. I can’t stand it when people limit themselves. In addition, I always believe in the good within people, in values ​​as a connecting factor and in solutions. That is also how I see life and that is what makes me who I am”.

After my Marines term, I have owned several commercial businesses, Xerox printers and telemarketing, right up to service, 4Human. As a result, I have gained extensive experience in entrepreneurship and leadership.

Leadership, collaboration, hospitality, coach

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