Freek Teunen

Freek Teunen

Public Speaker

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) is a growing industry that is worth hundreds of billions. But how do you deal with this? What opportunities does it offer your company? You would like to hear that from someone who is involved in VR on a daily basis and who has already taken advantage of various business opportunities. Speaker Freek Teunen can talk about VR in an interesting and relevant way, so that you will be inspired to discover opportunities in the VR industry yourself.

Teunen is a virtual and augmented reality expert in the field of business and medical use. He studied Creative Technology and came into contact with technology for the first time. During his studies at the Efteling, he successfully developed a VR Dream Flight for disabled visitors, which has been open since 2018. Teunen also has two VR startups that will launch in early 2020.

In addition to the success of the VR Droomvlucht, which has attracted (inter)national media, Teunen has already organised several events in the field of VR from his VR companies and he can always show people the power of it.

As a speaker Teunen has gained a lot of experience in presenting at various events such as Emerce Next. And he talks easily by nature. Using catchy and concrete examples, he can make virtual reality understandable. He informs, inspires and introduces his audience to the new reality of VR and AR.

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