Jan-Henk Bouman

Public speaker

I can help you with obtaining a new sunny outlook on the future so that we can make a difference

I am a kind of “Mate ashore” who shakes things up a bit to disrupt fixed patterns so that something new can come about. I challenge, mirror asked and unasked, but above all I challenge to do things differently tomorrow than you do today. Not because today is not a good day, but because tyou should always move forward. Standing still is not an option. I do this on stages and in my city and neighborhood.

The best helmsmen are ashore:
This term is often used at a European or World Cup. I do exactly what those 17 million national coaches do .. I listen, watch, get involved, talk about topics, throw some perspectives on the table. We look at this together, me from the shore and you holding the wheel with new perspectives.

What do people often say about me:
Inspiring, involved, creative in solutions and above all full of zest for life to let others look at their own future differently. I recognize myself in these kinds of descriptions. If a fixed pattern is disrupted and the insight is really claimed, a positive life force is released that can change and transform everything. And need that in every area in the world. I focus on these areas:

  • your business (met Fountainheads)
  • personal growth/development (www.stuurlui-aan-wal.nl binnenkort actief)
  • society as a whole (burgerinitiatief de Florijn, bewustzijnsplatform Open!, wijkwebsite Liendert/Rustenburg).

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