Merijn Tinga

Merijn Tinga

Public Speaker

Visual artist Merijn Tinga, as Plastic Soup Surfer, undertakes spectacular actions to draw attention to the problems caused by plastic litter. With his unconsciousness declaration uniquely in the world, he reminds the CEOs of the packaging industry of their responsibility in this environmental disaster.

In 2014 he made his first ‘plastic soup board’ from plastic waste that he collected himself. With this he kitesurfed 350 kilometers along the Dutch and Belgian coast to draw attention to the litter at sea, the so-called plastic soup.In the summer of 2015 he sailed for five months with his sailing boat along the coast of Scandinavia, hunting for plastic waste along the way.

On September 2, 2016, he surfed from the Netherlands to England. With that trip he drew attention to a petition for a ban on non-deposit plastic disposable bottles, which was signed 57,000 times. This petition was presented to the House of Representatives on 14 February 2017 prior to the ‘Circular Economy General Consultation’ in which deposits are also discussed. His last action in 2017 was a paddle trip on the Rhine of 1,200 kilometers in 28 days and the start with offering the awareness-raising exploits to the CEOs of Ahold, Heineken and Coca Cola, among others. He is currently preparing for the next monster tour aimed at European level.

A man on a mission. Merijn knows how to inspire the public within very diverse sectors. Last year he was asked by, among others, Rijkswaterstaat, Ministry of Security and Justice, Greenpeace, Haarlemse Ondernemers Societeit and the Space Gala.

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