Roland Kahn

Roland Kahn

Public speaker

Roland Kahn, an entrepreneur through and through, is the owner of investment company Cool Investments (CoolCat junior, Sapph, America Today, MS Mode plus sizes) and one of the initiators of In addition, his company trades in real estate. Kahn opened his first own clothing stores in 1976 and the first CoolCat in 1979. Through several acquisitions, Kahn built up a fashion empire with branches in the Benelux, France, Germany and Spain.

Roland Kahn is an enormous source of inspiration for entrepreneurs as a speaker. He experienced highs and lows, but always managed to persist in “thinking big and even bigger”.

All compensation for his lectures goes to the CoolCat Foundation, an ANBI foundation that was established in 1999 to contribute financially to the development of disadvantaged children in the Netherlands and abroad. Roland wants to contribute to a better world.

Topics: Fashion and styling, entrepreneurship

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