Ronnie Overgoor


I am a day chairman by profession. A wonderful profession that I have been practicing with great pleasure for years. You may have seen me on stage somewhere. I was even nominated as chairman of the day, yes yes;), but more importantly:

Clients and the public appreciate what I do. That’s why I’ve been on stage for over ten years and run an online video platform, 7DTV. We meet there with enterprising professionals. The beauty of a video channel and very honorable to work on. With 7DTV I have gained a lot of experience over the years with everything related to online video and webinars. And this experience, supplemented by my role as host and presenter, makes me suitable for helping my clients set up online or hybrid events.

I never charge in fee per hour. For events globally between 2.5 and 5k.

Chairman of the day, interviewer, presenter, webinar, talk shows, online video, energy, enthusiastic, experienced

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