Rutger Mollee

Rutger Mollee


Rutger Mollee switches effortlessly between different speakers with flair – almost mischievous – and a lot of speed; side issue and main thing; surface and essence. He never forgets his audience and will involve them in the conversation wherever possible. His education and experience give him a wealth of experience and business economic baggage.

In recent years, he has gained a wealth of experience in the profit and non-profit sector, during serious and informal meetings. He is now one of the most popular day chairpersons in the Netherlands. In 2014 he was rewarded by a professional jury: he became a finalist in the “Chairman of the Day of the Year” election.

He looks for interaction Live or with modern tools. Rutger is a member of a select group of day chairmen who can work with the tool “Buzzmaster”.

He always brings his experience as a comedian with More Balls Than Most and in the comedy show Goeroes Zonder Grenzen for free. This is useful because we all know that a well-placed joke can sometimes give some relief to a tricky moment.

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