Steven Brunswijk

Steven Brunswijk

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Meet Steven Brunswijk aka ‘de Braboneger’. Steven is a real Surinamese who grew up in Brabant. In 2011 Stevens video “Just Pay!” went viral all over the internet. In this short video, Steven explains in great detail how he thinks about defaulters and people who complain. Pownews and Dumpert picked up the video, so Steven enjoyed national fame in no time. The video has been viewed more than 400,000 times.

With his matchless use of language, his simple vision of society and tough statements in unadulterated Tilburg dialect, he manages to conquer the hearts of the Dutch. With his funny, yet harsh words, Steven puts various themes back on the map. His vision of society, in combination with his matchless use of language, form a deadly funny combination.

Not only is his theater career going well, Steven is also a direct hit on television. With the series ‘De Braboneger verkaast?!’ at the NPO he visits barn parties, retirement homes, the skating rink and even goes camping with his two regular friends. Steven Brunswijk was also a participant in Expedition Robinson 2018.

Yet not all is what it seems in Steven Brunswijk’s life. The success that he has now achieved single-handedly is provided with blood, sweat and tears. Steven grew up in a large family and it was not always easy. When he turned 18 and left home, things went very wrong. Steven fell deep into debt and avoided all of his responsibilities. As a door-to-door seller, he scraped the money together, but fell deeper and deeper. His motto: “Make something positive out of everything negative in your life and hold this thought for one week” has drawn him through life several times.

The man with millions of YouTube hits, Steven Brunswijk, likes to share his experiences, life and vision with various target groups.

Topics: Cabaret, diversity, motivation & inspiration, cabaret

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