Sydney Brouwer

Sydney Brouwer

Public Speaker

Sydney Brouwer is a frequent speaker on customer focus and author of the book “Customer Focused Leadership”. He has researched companies that excel in customer centricity and their leaders. What do these companies do differently that makes them more enthusiastic customers and employees than their competitors? What can you learn from these companies in creating a legendary customer experience? Sydney lets you experience true customer focus and, more importantly, what that requires from an organization and its management.

In addition to his work on stage, Sydney is host of the Spoken About Customers podcast and board member of the CX Circle Foundation, the independent platform for Customer Experience professionals.

Every organization is aware of the importance of enthusiastic customers. It is not without reason that greater emphasis has been placed on this in recent years. All kinds of methods are used to take the customer experience to a higher level. However, too little attention is structurally given to one aspect: leadership.

In his book, Sydney Brouwer makes the link between customer focus and leadership. He zooms in on the leader himself. After all, as a leader you are responsible for creating a culture that encourages everyone to be aware of the customer’s interests. What must a leader do to put, facilitate and stimulate customer focus in an organization? Using inspiring examples and real-life anecdotes, this book takes you through eight principles that will help leaders build a customer-centric culture.

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